I am your Mindset & Manifestation coach.

I left my corporate career of 20 years, manifested my redundancy to pursue my dreams of working for myself and creating my own rules of how life and business work for me.

I work with women who want more out of life and who want to find their passion so they can manifest on purpose and accomplish their goals and live a life of their dreams.

My style is very down to earth, incorporating decades of experience blending both the practical and spiritual together to create easy every day steps to follow and put into practice.

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What I Do

My passion is to inspire women struggling with a lack of direction and taking action so they can create the life they want to live.

Whether it’s helping you hatch your escape plan so you can leave your 9 to 5 to gaining more self-confidence and achieve your goals.

I show you how to uplevel and shift your mindset through practical steps so you can manifest on purpose and live your dream life.

 With my guidance and support you will learn to trust yourself and your intuition, so you will be empowered to create a successful abundant life.


Open your mind to limitless possibilities. I will expertly guide you to uncover your true desires. You will discover how to create and navigate your own personal map to success… and to reignite the passion, inspiration and abundance in your life.


Through my engaging courses, enlightening masterminds or intimate one-on-one sessions, I provide the environment and tools for you to discover what you truly want by establishing the steps to create a new reality.

I will be there for you to challenge, support, and hold you accountable while helping you remove blocks that are subconsciously holding you back.

Using practical and easy steps I will help you gain clarity and self confidence. You will be able to create a roadmap you can use over and over again that inspires and encourages you so you can begin to live a life you love and always dreamt of.


I will help you discover your life’s calling, so you can be fearless in taking action that will propel you toward your purpose.

You will be inspired to follow your passion without letting doubt or procrastination stand in your way so you can create unlimited abundance in any area of your life.

You will be free to live the life of your dreams with more happiness and prosperity!

What People are Saying

“These sessions with Michelle have been life changing. So much so that I want to continue them with her. It feels like my path is a lot clearer. I have a sense of relief and a weight is off my chest. I feel emotionally cleansed.  Michelle was fantastic and was approachable in nature. I felt comfortable telling Michelle things I hadn’t told a soul.

She gave me the time to think before I responded. She asked all the right questions to get the answers out of me naturally. She showed me that when you say things out loud, it becomes real.

My thought patterns/processes have completely changed. Professional opportunities are presenting themselves that align with my professional goals. For the first time in years I am now willing to try being in a relationship.

It lifted a great burden. I am now in a more positive frame of mind and happier about my future personally and professionally. Michelle is fantastic — I highly endorse her guidance and support.”



“Before Michelle’s life coaching, I was in a bit of a rut. Wasn’t doing what I wanted to do in life, wasn’t writing songs, got stressed by my sons, was failing in relationships and was pretty depressed.

Then, even after the first session, I felt like I had direction, purpose, drive, and knew I could achieve anything.

Her techniques didn’t involve telling me what to do, but to figure it out for myself with vision, goals and self belief, which is very important for self determination.

I’m now running my own window cleaning business and won’t need to work for anyone else very soon. I’m writing again, and know I will make a living from the sale of my music.

I’m also handling my boys a lot better, improving with relationships, and I’m a lot happier!

Thank you so much Michelle for helping to give me my life back. You are an angel. XO”

Mathew Anderson

Self Employed

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