What’s behind the so called “luck” ?

We can choose to create our own luck, yes while some people do generally experience luck from time to time.

However the ones we often see as the lucky ones are creating it for themseves.

Luck is made up of:

Big dreams

Taking risks

Action, even when you want to hide or give up

Late nights

Early mornings

Never giving up

Trying everything 

Yo-yoing between self-doubt and self-belief

Learning from what doesn’t work

Showing up especially when you don’t feel like it

Being scared but willing to give it a go regardless

It’s just a form of manifestation…

It basically boils down to you creating your own luck, it’s like manifesting.

You don’t just have a thought and then magically it just shows up for you.

You have to show up and do the work to bring it to you.

This is the bridging the gaps where your imagination and reality collide to create the magic!

Where you can learn to step between the worlds of infinite possibility and the physical world.

It’s what you choose tp believe and then manifest into creation.

Keep going hen you feel like you want to give up.

Block out all the negative noise that tries to take you off course.

Do what’s required  – the behind the scenes that no-one really gets.

Wrap yourself in everything that excites you.

Spend time learning and investing in your own growth.

Prioritise yourself and your dreams.

Push through the fear and step into the magic that is eating for you.

Stay connected to your dreams, your goals, your visions.

Show up, do the work, be consistent (especially when you don’t want to).

Take action steps ever day no matter how small they might seem towards your goals.

Start before you are ready.

Know that you are worthy of having good things happen to you.

Know that you can’t run out of good luck or good things happening to you.

The universe is infinite and there are unlimited possibilities just waiting for you to show up.

Stop putting off your dreams a moment longer, you have your dreams for a reason and it is telling you that what you want, wants you.

This is your time right now!

What are you waiting for?

Create your own luck and manifest on purpose while others are still just waiting around for their desires to magically drop into their lap while you are out there actively creating your dream life!

if you want to learn how to manifest on purpose and create your own luck, check out my Mindset & Manifestation program here.

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