Having an abundant mindset can seem so tricky to hold.

The good news is we can chan choose to shift our thoughts every moment of every day.

We can train our brain to look for the evidence we have all around us.

Abundance is far greater than just having money.

If you find it difficult to attract or receive money or anything for that matter, you can focus on the following instead:

I attract abundance with ease into my life.

Abundance comes in all forms.

When we shift our thoughts like this, it is far easier for us to switch our beliefs to accepting that we can receive what we desire the most.

It’s all about knowing the power of the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the feelings we tap into and then the action we take from this.

I choose to know and believe that abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Make a list of everything you are grateful for, even the simple things we take for granted like, fresh food, clean water and shelther.

Feel into where you feel resistance about having abundance and look at alternative ways to look at this as it will help us accept it into our lives.

Spend time envisioning what you really want – create that vision for yourself.

Our vision forms our beliefs which creates our intentions.

It moves us from a place of dreaming into a state of believing into a phase of creation.

Our beliefs then influence our behaviour and how we choose to act whether this be action or inaction.

This then leads to a particular outcome which then reinforces our beliefs.

This is how belief patterns are formed.

Focus on statements or affirmations that allow you to feel the overall feeling of abundance.

This will shift your mindset into more positive belief patterns that will them attract all the abundance you desire to you in every form.

Additional statements you could play with are:

Affirmations you can use to help shift your beliefs:

I am a powerful creator

I am a powerful manifestor

Love, health and happiness come to me easily and effortlessly

My life is full of abundance and prosperity

Everyday life gets better and better

The best is yet to come

I am actively abundance into my life with ease and joy

Play around with affirmations and see what resonates with you and practice repeating these daily and you will naturally create a more abundant mindset.

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