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Manifesting Abundance

90 Day Journal

Would you like to manifest more abundance into your daily life?

What if all you needed was to create consistent actions each that moves you a step closer each day to achieving your dreams?

This Manifesting Abundance 90 day journal is the perfect space to help you set daily intentions to assist you in manifesting your big dreams into reality.

This is an easy to use even if you only have a few minutes to spare a day.

It is an ideal space to capture your big dream, daily journaling, and intentions to help you manifest more abundance into your everyday life.

Each day has a section for:
Big Dreams
Intentions for the day
Magical Manifesting
Love Note to yourself for encouragement

There are also additional pages for you to mind map your big dreams, create your own personal list of affirmations, reflections ( reflect on your goals and what you have achieved), magical manifestations and notes that come to mind.

It’s an all in one journal for your dreams, thoughts and ideas to manifest more abundance in all areas of your life.

Start manifesting your dream life on purpose today!

The Path To Clarity: Create A Life You Love

STOP! – The reason you don’t have what you want is due to… a lack of CLARITY!

Get Ready because this workbook is about to change your life!

Have you ever:

  • Felt tired of wishing for a better life?
  • Struggled to make decisions on every day choices?
  • Experienced the crushing frustration of not achieving your goals?
  • Been disheartened by your lack of progress or momentum?
  • Wondered how other people make it look easy and you feel like you’re failing?

Yes? Been there… got the badge, worn the t-shirt, then this workbook is for you.

Michelle Wordsworth will expertly guide you along The Path to Clarity which will make all the difference to reaching your goals and desires. Helping you to figure out what you want, how to get it and say hello to a more fulfilling life!

With The Path to Clarity Workbook you will learn how to:

  • Create a simple step by step path to discover your passion – Hello Clarity!
  • Use simple techniques and shift your thought process to take action – Hello Progress!
  • Create a driving force that will motivate you to reach your goals – Hello Freedom!

The only thing left is to say Hello to your new workbook and life! Make today, the day you say Hello to “The Path to Clarity”

Order your copy below today!

“Knowing what you want paves The Path To Clarity…”

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