Here are some tips to get you taking action today if you want to leave your day job.

Decide what you want to do

Write down your thoughts – the things you would love to do!

Brainstorm different ideas

What do people ask you all the time and come to you for help with?

Think about all the things you are passionate about and you love doing.

Start a Business page or Group on social media. – Free!

Start sharing and talking about the things you love – Free!

Create emails – check out email accounts that are free for lists under 1,000 people – Free!

Record videos – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube – Free!

Start building your audience and authority – Free!

Start offering help – for free for practice and testimonials or even start charging.

Open up a Paypal account – Free! For business you will need to have a business number – check your country’s laws for registered business number set ups

Secure a business name and /or domain name – small costs per your.

These are just some hand tips to get you started without investing an arm or a leg.

If you would like personalised help with this check out my 1:1 coaching or programs on offer here.

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