What you need to know before you hire a coach…


Know the difference between coaching, therapy, counselling or a mentor.  

It is important to know the difference between these so if you are searching to hire someone you get the right person for you and your specific needs. Some people call themselves a coach but spend the entire time talking to you and giving you advice which is fine but it’s not really the role of a coach.

Below I have broken this down for you to help you understand the role of each better to help distinguish what type of service most beneficial to your current needs.

What Coaching Is…

The primary role is to listen to our client, their story, view of the world and share their hopes and dreams.

A coach will challenge you to step up and take control to reach the outcomes you desire.

A coach assists you with forward focused goals and moves you towards achieving them.

Coaching is about now and the future. It provides the client confidence and ability to move forward towards your goals.

Coaching is about breaking down the barriers holding you back which prevent change from occurring.

A coach inspires, empowers and moves you towards reaching your outcomes.

Coaches help you identify goals, explore current reality, look at all options and lock down on commitment to live a better and fulfilling life.

A coach helps unlock the client’s potential to maximise their performance.

A coach focusses on empowering you to take control of all aspects of life and take personal responsibility to obtain desired goals.

A coach challenges the client and takes them out of their comfort zone.

A coach helps a client explore their beliefs and values.

A coach keeps a client on track to reach their desired outcomes.

What Coaching Isn’t…

Therapy, counselling or mentoring.

To support people in deep crisis, serious emotional trauma or psychological conditions.

There to give answers. We work with you to find your own solutions and way forward.

There to fix your problems. Coaches help shift mindset and move you towards realising and accomplishing your goals.

Setting the agenda…. the client does.

About the past…. it is future focused.

Therapy or counselling….Therapists and counsellors deal with the immediate or distant past to prescribe a relevant solution to the client’s problem. They may address physical or mental issues.

Mentoring… A mentor guides and teaches you in a specific task or action and draws on their own experiences and will pass on their knowledge that will help shortcut the specific outcome.  A mentor will be expected to know the answers to the related situation.

If you are even in doubt, reach out and ask questions to ensure you are a right fit for each other.

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