Workshops are currently held in Melbourne, Australia.

Enjoy learning and sharing in a group environment. Workshops including dates and times can be pre-purchased online via the Shop so you are ready to create magic on the day.

They are a great way to learn information while being in a group enviorment, have funa nd meet new people.

Live Life – Stop Dreaming Workshop

Here you will learn the foundations to manifest and create your vision and goals into reality.

Get specific through a variety of tools and exercises, remove limiting beliefs  – you know the ones, those that keep you stuck in procrastination mode and stop you from moving forward.

This is a fun and interactive day where you will be supported in gaining clarity on wht it is you really want, inspiration and practical action steps to manifest your dream life into reality.

Next Workshop date: 30 March 2019

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Life is too precious to waste doing things that don’t bring you joy.

Do you spend hours daydreaming of an ideal life but don’t know where to start or how to make it happen?

Do you feeling like life is passing you by and every day is ground hog day, living life on repeat?

Sick of being stuck in an office cubicle doing a 9 to 5 job feeling like there is no way out?

Many people are living life going through the motions on autopilot each day, sick of doing the same thing over and over again.

Is that YOU?

Wondering where the years went, how you got to where you are and where your dreams and aspirations disappeared to.

You want to break the cycle – if only you could figure out how…

This is where I come in…

Imagine how life could look, doing what you want and love each day, living your dream life.

For some it is living in an exotic location by the beach, in a new country and only working 4 hours a day on your dream business while you get to enjoy more time with family and friends.

It may be finding the dream job which aligns with your passions and purpose so you get to make a difference in the world that way.

However you want to choose to live, going through the “sea-change” can be easy, when you know how.

If you have read this far you know it’s time to live life and stop dreaming about it.

At this workshop you will learn how to create YOUR vision into reality.

Spend a fun day identifying what it is you really want and are passionate about.

Learn the foundations necessary to manifest your vision into reality.

Gain the skills and tools needed to bring it to life.

Define what you want – the driving force to reaching your goals and manifesting.

Uncover your true “WHY ” – a willingness to overcome barriers standing in the way so you achieve the desired outcome.

Why sign up to this workshop?

You are ready to break the cycle and take the next step.

You want to immerse yourself in an experience where you are fully present in the room and will be supported in creating your vision.

Walk away from the day with clarity, inspiration and practical action steps allowing you to create and manifest your dream life into a reality.

Be part of an interactive day and enjoy learning and sharing in a group environment.

A day where you can build connections, support and cheer each other on.

Maximum of 20 spots available

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Handouts and light refreshments provided.

Date & Time: Saturday 30 March 2019 – 10am  – 4pm

Location: 1 Gardenia St, Blackburn, Melbourne – The Field Naturalist Hall

What should I bring?: Bring notebook, pen and lunch.

** Cafes and public transport are less than a minute walk from venue. Ample parking on site.**

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Drop your name and best email address below and you will receive my FREE printable Goal Planner, abundant inspirations, freebies, and lots of other goodies!

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